Hard Plastic

 Hard plastic is great because it is rigid and maintains it’s shape, and some toys like G-spotters and prostate toys work better if they’re on the firm side.
  • Hard plastics are slightly porous, so they can’t be totally disinfected and ought to not be shared between bodies that aren’t fluid bonded
  • To clean it, wash with and soap you would use on your body (again, this will not totally disinfect the toy)
  • All Spectrum hard plastics are phthalate-free
  • Put a condom over the toy for easy clean up, or if you wish to share the toy
  • It’s not ideal to use silicone lube with hard plastics, but some toys won’t react with it. Do a patch test at the base of the toy if you really, really would like to use silicone lube on a hard plastic toy, but it will be more difficult to clean the toy if you decide to do so.