Stainless Steel

Stainless steel toys are hypoallergenic, incredibly easy to clean, and virtually indestructible. Additionally, toys made from this material are great for temperature play because they hold on to temperature very well, and are compatible with all lubes.
  • Stainless steel is nonporous, meaning the material surface doesn’t have any pores for bacteria to live in, and it is very easy to clean
  • You can boil these toys for 5-10 minutes, run them through the dishwasher, or wash them with any soap you would use on your body.
  • Boiling is the most thorough way of disinfecting the toy, however.
  • If you plan on using a toy on multiple bodies that aren’t fluid-bonded, boiling the toy is the only way to disinfect the toy so that no fluids are being passed. Otherwise, you can place a condom over the toy to safely share it.